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Project Description


We will create a series of RYLA Training Videos with a combined duration of 45-60 minutes, which explain in detail some of the most outstanding features of the District 7500 RYLA program. Each video will showcase one outstanding feature of our RYLA, showing what it looks like from the ‘outside’, and then looking ‘inside’ or behind-the-scenes to explore exactly how it works. Experienced members of our staff will give tips and pointers on how to make these features work best.

Two of the aspects which will most likely be covered are our ‘Board-Breaking’ activity, and our unique leadership hierarchy in which past RYLA participants continue working with our RYLA for many years, taking on ever-increasing levels of responsibility within our activities, and training the younger staff members to take their places.

The videos will be shot and edited by professionals and will be made available, free of charge, on our RYLA7500 website and eClub7500 website. They will have supporting printed documentation, as well, which will also be available for free download. We will promote these training materials to RYLA Directors world-wide so they can improve their own RYLA programs.

How will it meet the needs of the community being addressed by the project?

As an eClub with a focus on the New Generations Avenue of Service, our ‘community’ consists of the young people of the entire world. Most of the members of our eClub have devoted more than 10 years to the RYLA program of District 7500 and have developed some unique and highly-effective activities, procedures and structure for our RYLA program. These innovations have made our RYLA one of the most outstanding RYLA programs that we have ever encountered, and we hear the same from various other Rotarians that have come in contact with it. These training videos would give us a way to expand the reach of our programs tremendously and impact thousands of young people around the world that we would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet.

Project Budget

Item to be purchased

Name of supplier

Est. cost


Scott Napolitano


Video Editing

Dynamic Video Productions


Misc video equip (mics, cords, adapters)

Best Buy


Misc production expenses (wood, nails, paint)

Home Depot


Misc office supplies (paper, envelopes, postage)



Misc props (costumes, decorations, signs)



Total Project Cost


Application Club $1,000.00 

District Grant Requested   $2,500.00

Other ________


Total Available Funds $3,500.00

Project Budget


Grant Acceptance Letter:  Congratulations!


The District 7500 Grants Management Committee is pleased to inform you that our District Grant Plan has been approved by The Rotary Foundation and (you’ve) been awarded $2,230 of your $2,500 grant request. We will…hand out award checks at the Annual District Foundation Dinner on November 7th.  

High-Level overview of the Videos:


A RYLA Director from another District that is interested in possibly including Board Breaking in their RYLA program will be encouraged to watch these videos in the following order. 
Each one builds on what is learned in the ones before it.

1. A 5-6 minute promotional video about our entire RYLA program. This will be hosted on our website to quickly and dramatically answer the question: "What is RYLA?". We will show it at Rotary Club meetings when we make presentations about RYLA. We can use it for fund-raising. It will reassure parents about what their kids are applying to. We will NOT mention Board Breaking in this video, or show kids breaking boards, but it would no-doubt include some footage that was recorded on the morning of Board Breaking, when the kids are jumping up and down with excitement and hugging each other.

2. A 5-8 minute 'commercial' about what the Board Breaking activity is, and why a RYLA Director would want to include it in the program. This would NOT be an instructional piece. It wouldn't talk about any of the difficulties. It would only be about how awesome this activity is, and show a bunch of kids breaking boards, and talking to the camera about what it meant to them. We would show them both immediately after breaking their board, when they are still giddy from the experience, and then again, months later, after they actually achieve the goal they put on the board. They will talk about how breaking the board gave them the confidence to go after their goal. This video would end with a very brief description of what the other 3 videos contained.

3. A 6-9 minute video showing the 'Advisor Script'. This is the long version of the coaching script we use to teach someone how to break. It goes over lots of fine points about how to stand, how to move your hips, how to move your arms, etc.

4.  A 3-4 minute video showing the 'Lead's Script'. This is the short version of the coaching script. It is only used after a group of participants have all seen the longer Advisors Script about 5 times, and they already know all those fine points. They just need to be briefly reminded of what to do, when.

5. A 10-15 minute video addressing things that can go wrong and what to do about them. It would end with a motivational segment to give the potential coaches confidence that while things will go wrong sometimes, the overall experience will be very positive.

6. A short video about logistics and practical things that the RYLA Director needs to know, but that his coaches don't need to think about. Like:

a. Where to get the boards and exactly how to have them cut

b. How to sort them to remove the 'hardest' boards

c. When to schedule this activity within a multi-day event

d. The pros and cons of keeping this activity a secret

e. How to train your coaches

f. What to do about kids who can't seem to break their board

g. Safety concerns: clear areas, protective glasses, jewelry

h. What to do if someone actually gets hurt (sprained wrist, cuts from flying wood)