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Dave in India at iRYLA

Day 5 - iRYLA, 1st Day
By David GoWell
Posted on 12/29/2014 3:11 PM

Monday, November 24, 2014


Just like India Herself, my first day at iRYLA was filled with contrasts and opposites. These were sometimes very frustrating and at other times delightful.

The day started by getting a phone call 'Mr. Bala'. He is one of the other 3 'Master Trainers', and is a Corporate Trainer by occupation, in Kerela, where Saji is from (but he doesn't know Saji). We went to breakfast together and I surveyed the offerings. Breakfast is a tricky meal for many travelers. You might call yourself 'an adventurous eater', you might pride yourself on having eaten all sorts of unknown and strange-looking foods, but if you are like me, you prefer to start the day with something recognizable, and leave the weird stuff for lunch and dinner. 
There were half-sandwiches filled with spiced potatoes that I tried, but to balance that out I took a bowl of corn flakes. Ahhh! The Great American Staple of Breakfast. And right next to them was a big milk dispenser. Great! But when I turned the spigot, HOT milk flowed onto my Corn Flakes. WHAT?! I stopped the flow immediately and asked a waiter if I could have cold milk. He got it for me immediatelyBe careful!", I warned him, That milk is hot milk, not cold milk!" He said, "I know, Indians prefer to eat Corn Flakes with hot milk."  That's just WRONG!, I thought. And then I tried them. Hmmmm...that's nice!
On the way to a meeting of the Master Trainers I *almost* walked all over this sand-painting off local hero Mahatma Gandhi casting a Mandala of Peace across the world! (That would have been a MAJOR faus pax, right brother?)
 Here's two of the other Master Trainers:
Mr Ajay Dixon & Mr Bala
 At my first meeting I get the kids to do Human Knots:
Later there was a Joint Meeting of the whole RYLA Group and they had a parade of Flags featuring all the international participants and Counselors. Luke is the American on the left.        
 After dinner we all danced the Garba, a local dance that is VERY popular among people of every age. They tried to teach it to me but I was hopeless!
 That's all for today. It was great!