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Dave in India at iRYLA

Day 14 - Ambiji Mandir, Mount Abu, Abu Road
By David GoWell
Posted on 12/29/2014 4:31 PM

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I woke up still feeling blissful from the awesome experience in Ambiji Temple. And realized there was more to come!


I quickly showered and was the first one ready, anxious to see the Temple in daylight and see the morning Puja.


‘Supercop’ was going to meet us by the back gate again, like he did last night. But when we got there, we found out we were early, so we had Chai from a Chai Stall and I used my Prayer Beads seriously for the first time: “Jai Jai Ambi!, Jai Jai Ambi!”. I made it all the way around about 12 times waiting for Supercop, then walking through the Temple grounds, and staring up at the gilded dome of the Temple, but I stopped when the crowd waiting for the Temple doors to open began their own chant: “Jai Jai Ambi! Bul Madhi Ambi!” (“Hail Hail Ambi! Speak to me Mother Ambi!”)


They open the doors for the waiting crowd and they surged forward to get a the best spot to view the Puja. It was exactly like when Jaime and I went to a U2 concert 2 years ago with Russell and Lucas.


They would have opened the secret back door for us at the same time, but it was locked from the inside, or stuck. They had to fool with it for 5 minutes before it opened. We still got a good place near the front. In fact, it was TOO good and because the altar was recessed I couldn’t see the back. Eventually I started moving around, trying to get a better view, or if not, trying to work myself to the opposite side of the Temple where the big statue of Ambima was. But it was too crowded and they had lots of chains and other crown-control devises in the way so I stopped trying to move and just listened to the chanting and watched the peoples faces.


When the Puja was over the crowd thinned and I was able to move around again. I made a bee-line for Ambi and got one last long look at her. I noticed this time that Ambi’s top-left arm was broken off so only 7 arms and 7 tools were there. We then went downstairs toward the exit. I thought it was the exact same route we had taken 3 times before, but this time we were in a room with another even larger representation of Ambi, and this one had all 8 arms and all 8 tools. I wondered what ability or power each of the tools represented. Many of them seemed to be weapons: A Bow, an Arrow, a Mace, a Trident, and a Sword. She also held a Conch Shell, the Universe twirling around her finger, an open palm showing a mystical mark on it. I asked someone later what each of the tools represented. He didn’t know. But the thought all the weapons represented power over evil.


We left the Temple and drove to the top of a nearby mountain where there were 52 smaller temples. We went to the main Temple and I bought a small Ghee Lamp for a sacrifice. On the way in we passed a boy – maybe 9 years old – who was singing vedic prayers I n hopes of


went to the Blood Drive in the local hospital.  They asked me to inaugurate the Drive. There was an Altar set up with a large brass Ghee Lamp with 5 or 6 wicks radiating out from it. They gave me a lit candle and I said some words and lit one of the wicks. They took back the candle and passed it to another dignitary who lit the next wick. That continued until all the wicks were lit and they applauded. Then a couple of donators laid down on beds and they began taking blood.


We then went to Supercop’s Marble Factory where we watched his craftsmen polish marble spindles for a fence or bannister. He had a few very erotic statues there, too.


From there we went to the Fortune-teller’s Garden. We never found out why the called it that. It was high on a hill and overlooked other hills. On one of them there was a gigantic ‘Om’ symbol, made of living flowers. But it smelled like they were watering the gardens with sewage water, which was probably excellent for the flowers, but not so good for our noses. We did not stay long!



(I’ll add more to this post later) 

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